SQL Server “Denali” CTP2?

Several people have asked me if I have heard when SQL Server “Denali” CTP2 will be released.  I have not heard anything official (and couldn’t comment if I had!), but unofficially, it sounds like the next public CTP may be CTP3.

In the builds that we are currently testing there are some major changes in HA technologies.  I think most people will be happy to see some of the long-standing feature requests being addressed in this version.  A very significant effort has been devoted to mission critical systems in the Denali release, and the current builds are really starting to highlight the work that has been devoted to this area.

Hopefully there will be a public CTP2, but whether there is or not, be ready to download the next CTP as soon as it is released.  It will be full of new features and changes, and you will want to get familiar with them quickly.

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