Base wingsuiting – pushing the edge of human flight

I frequently tell people that skydiving is really relatively safe, but BASE jumping (jumping from a fixed object with a parachute) is stupid dangerous.  BASE jumping has been called the most extreme sport in the world, and carries with it a lot of inherent risk.  BASE wingsuiting adds an entirely new level of danger to even that.  Many BASE wingsuiters are also into “proximity flying” – flying very close to mountains, trees and other objects during the flight.  While unbelievably dangerous, this discipline is also one of the most exciting sports in the world, and the videos that have spread like wildfire over the Internet have captured the attention of young and old alike.

This video shows some great footage of team “Need 4 Speed”, which includes some of the best BASE wingsuiters in the world.  Watch how they push the envelope on what is possible with human flight, skimming by rocks and trees and through gulleys in speeds well over 100 mph.  The skill of these wingsuiters is truly amazing!

Video:  Need4Speed:  Insight

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